We have been raising and breeding since 2012. Our puppies are raised in our home as part of our family and are loved with all of our hearts! It's is our goal to produce happy, healthy, well socialized puppies. Our adult dogs are tested by Paw Prints Genetics for known breed related issues, those results can be seen on our dog's profiles on the "OUR PACK" page or can be accessed on my GOOGLE DRIVE where you can find generations of test results when available.  Great temperaments, beauty, intelligence, and work ethic are a must. 

Our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club where they are now known as "Miniature American Shepherds". The MAS was developed by selectively breeding smaller Australian Shepherds for their desired size. It is a compact dog with a strong work ethic. They are loved by enthusiasts as an excellent choice for dogs sports such as herding, agility, dock-diving, obedience and fly-ball.​

All of our puppies and adults are on a strict medical program including vaccinations, preventative shots, scheduled de-worming, heart worm preventative, parasite control, and a high quality dog food.  All puppies go home with their 1st round of shots, State Health Certificates, AKC registration certificate toys, small bag of food and our support!  We also offer a private Facebook Group just for all of our puppy parents for additional support, to share photos of our dogs, arrange play dates for socialization and to connect with your pups littermates.

​​We are VERY dedicated to keeping all our puppies out of shelters or rescue. If for whatever reason an owner cannot continue to keep one of our puppies, we will happily welcome it back until we can rehome it to a suitable situation. We feel responsible for every dog we breed and love to hear how they grow up.
Our farm in beautiful Rindge NH