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​​Developed from the Australian Shepherd, the Miniature American Shepherd is a relatively new breed. Originating in the United States, MAS are rapidly becoming popular for their compact size and strong work ethic. They are extremely adept at herding.

Character:  A sturdy, hardy breed, weights typically range between 20-35lbs. Exceedingly versatile, highly intelligent, an exceptional companion, and a talented farm worker or guardian.  Loyal, affectionate, lively, playful, and alert, they are deeply devoted and naturally protective. MAS get along well with children. However, their exuberance and herding instincts may make them challenging for homes with very young children. They are wary and suspicious of strangers and will warn their family of danger or unusual noises.

Care:  Relatively easy to groom, occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush will suffice. An occasional session with an undercoat rake will removed dead hair and prevent matting.  ​Bathing should only be done when necessary. Mini Aussie are a light shedder most of the year but shed heavily during the Spring & Fall.  ​​Mini Aussie are a double-coat breed with a weather-resistant outer coat which is moderate in length, straight to slightly wavy. The under coat is short and dense. The hair on the head, front of forelegs, and outside of ears is short and smooth.  Their coat should never be shaved short as the undercoat hair, when properly groomed, actually provides ventilation to cool them in the heat and protect their sensitive skin from sunburn!

Training:  Early socialization and obedience are necessary and beneficial for the Mini Aussie.  They are quick to learn and easy to train.  They will not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods. This breed does best with firmness, fairness, reward, consistency, and positive reinforcement. They excel in agility, conformation, fly-ball, Frisbee, herding, and as a therapy dog.

Activity:  Mini Aussies require a lot of exercise and stimulation. They thrive on being given a job to do. They can become easily bored and will become high-strung and destructive if left alone for an extended period of time without proper exercise. They enjoy family play sessions, long walks, and a securely fenced yard to romp and run in freely. They will do okay in an apartment dwelling provided they are sufficiently exercised and entertained.


​Includes spay/neuter agreements and limited AKC registration (no breeding rights) unless other arrangements have been discussed. 

*Red Tri/Bi and Black Tri/Bi puppies are $1,250
​*Red Merle or Blue Merle puppies are $1,450​

If you would like to be considered for a puppy: READ EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE.  Please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION​​​. If your application is approved, we will set up a time to meet with us, the adult dogs and the puppies in our home; this helps see if we're a good fit for you. We also ask that you review our DEPOSIT AGREEMENT and PUPPY CONTRACT before our meeting.  After meeting, if we all decide to move forward, we  will complete a DEPOSIT AGREEMENT and you pay the $250 deposit to reserve your choice of puppy. ​​​Choice of puppy is based on the order deposits are received and according to the DEPOSIT AGREEMENT

SHOW/BREED QUALITY PUPPIES:  Prices determined by show quality/potential of the puppy, may be sold to select homes with full AKC registration and breeding rights, ​at my discretion.  Please discuss with me prior to placing a deposit.​​

WHAT THE DEPOSIT MEANS:​ You agree to purchase a puppy and A Lil' Bit Aussie agrees we will not sell your puppy to anyone else. When we accept your deposit, you may request color, sex or other preference.  People with deposits choose their puppy in the order deposits are accepted when the puppies are 5-6 weeks old.

​​If the color/sex/type of puppy you requested with your deposit isn't available when it's your turn to choose, you may pick any remaining puppy, or you may ask that your deposit be refunded.  If you wish to have your deposit held for the next litter, that places you at the top of the next litter list. ​Your ​​deposit will only be refunded if Lil' Bit Aussie can not fill your request for the type of puppy requested when the deposit was accepted. 

​​Please understand that deposits will not be refunded for any other reason.  Lil' Bit Aussie does reserve right to refund a deposit and cancel this agreement for any reason any time prior to final payment to ensure that puppies are placed in the proper situation.

  ​​​Due when you pick up your puppy, cash or bank check. ​​

​Overall, these dogs are loyal, hardworking, and intelligent. These dogs prove themselves in several agility games, frisbee, and flyball. Read on to know the coat colors and markings that they come in.

Australian Shepherd Colors
› Black    › Blue Merle      › Red      › Red Merle

​​Australian ​​Shepherd Markings
› Tan Points       › White Markings       › White Markings with Tan Points

Black Australian shepherds are one of the most commonly found dog breeds. Some can be plain black without any tan points or anything that's white; some can be white ticked (dotted) or streaked, while some may also be tricolored. Every dog will have different patterns―some have distinct tan or white parts, whereas some may just have a small patch.

Blue Merle
There are many variations of the blue merle kind depending on the percent of blue in the coat. It may have white, which can also be called blue merles with white. Some also have brown and dark brown in most of the parts. The patterns also vary a lot. They may have ticked marks or tan points.

There are varied color combinations and patterns too. Sometimes the red coat color can be so bright that it can be easily mistaken as black―the trick is to see it in the sun. The eye colors also vary a lot. They can be anything from amber, gray, to blue. Red Australian shepherds are seen in full red coat, red and white coat, and tricolors, i.e., red, tan, and white.

​Red Merle
Red merles can be found in all variations like the blue merle. They come in dark shades of red to a very light shade with other tan or white markings. It doesn't have any tan points. It can also be called red merle with white. There are number of variety in the eye colors too.