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Thank you for your interest in our puppies!! 
Please carefully read the "PUPPY INFO" page BEFORE submitting an application** 
​E-mail or FB message me if you have any questions.  

​I'll try to contact you with in a few days of ​receiving your application, please add 

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We now use Good Dog for all of our applicants.

​Please follow this link to be connected to our application: 
Good Dog​
How we do things...

1. Please read everything in the PUPPY INFO PAGE.  Decide if you like what you see.

2. Ask any questions not already answered on our webpage

(We only accept applications after dogs have been bred, if our applications aren't "on" then we usually have a message on our Face Book page or Good Dog page with an estimated timeline for our next breeding.)

4.  We review applications, we will let you know if you are approved for an interview or if we do not think that you are a good fit.  If approved for an interview, we will invite you to our home for an interview.  The 'interview' is 2-sided.  We interview each other to make sure we are a really good fit!  You get to meet the momma dogs and some of our other retired girls.  They love the attention!  If, at the end of your interview we all decide to move forward, you can leave a deposit with a DEPOSIT AGREEMENT.

5.  You come to visit puppies after they are born, multiple times if possible. We do this almost every weekend :)  ​This way you get to learn about their personalities ​and bond with them while helping them socialize with all kinds of people!  Adults, kids, teens, tall, short, and so on.  We play outside, inside, sometimes with multiple families at the same time.  It really helps with the personality development of the pups! 

6.  ​When the pups are about 6 weeks old, you choose your puppy in the order deposits were received. If there isn't a pup you'd like to choose at that time, you can part ways with your deposit refunded or you can wait for our next litter.  There's more about that on the PUPPY INFO page and in the DEPOSIT AGREEMENT.

7. At age 7-8 weeks, pups get Vet Health Checkup & 1st shots! 

8.  At 8-9 weeks of age, you come to our home and pick up your pet :) ​​​​